Do I Need Basic or Enhanced DBS Checks? - A Guide

When it comes to finding suitable candidates to work with vulnerable groups, such as children and vulnerable adults, DBS checks are essential. Depending on the position, you may need to request a basic, standard, or improved DBS verification. To help you decide which one is the most suitable for you, here is a comprehensive guide to the different types of DBS checks and how to apply for them. A basic DBS check will reveal any spent and unspent convictions, warnings, and admonitions that are on record.

It is suitable for most roles and can be requested by individuals. However, if you are applying for a job that involves working with vulnerable people or important responsibilities, an enhanced DBS check may be necessary. An enhanced DBS check contains all the information included in a standard DBS check, but it also includes police information. This means that it will show any fines or penalties that have been issued, as well as any information held by local police forces. An improved DBS check also includes a check of the prohibited lists for both children and adults. It is important to note that both basic and enhanced DBS checks can only be requested through a corporate account.

Companies can be sure that they are fully aware of any serious crime by carrying out standard and improved DBS control. Upon completion of the verification process, the employer can request to view the applicant's DBS certificate and decide on the next steps.

Do I Need a Basic or Enhanced DBS Check?

Do you need a DBS check but aren't sure which one you need? In the UK, you can choose to apply for a basic DBS or an enhanced one. Standard disclosures are more common in the financial and legal industries, while improved DBS controls are prerequisites in many educational and health functions. Enhanced DBS verification provides the highest level of disclosure and is suitable for positions that involve regular contact with vulnerable people or important responsibilities. Regardless of whether a company requests standard or improved DBS verification, it is only 100% accurate at the time it is carried out.

Many companies carry out DBS checks once every three years, but some companies may need to perform them regularly. It is important to note that an organization is breaking the law if it submits an application for a standard, improved, or improved DBS with banned lists. If you are unsure which type of DBS check is necessary for your position, you can use our eligibility tool to find out what functions or activities might qualify for a basic, standard, or improved DBS verification. With Access Screening, you would expect to pay 18 pounds per check, which is the same as the basic DBS check.

The Benefits of Having a Clear DBS Check

People benefit from the transparency and peace of mind that comes with a clear DBS verification, improving their employability and demonstrating their integrity. Do you need a basic or enhanced DBS check? Find out here which one would be the most suitable for you and how to apply for it.

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