Do you get a certificate with a basic dbs check?

After you request a basic check, you'll be invited to create a DBS online account if you don't already have one. You can use your online account to order and manage the products and services available to you as an individual. DBS certificates are sent directly to the designated applicant on the DBS Check application form. DBS certificates are not sent directly to employers.

DBS certificates ultimately contain the personal data of the applicant on whom the DBS verification has been performed. This is why DBS certificates are sent directly to applicants. The only way to obtain another copy of a DBS certificate is if the first DBS certificate issued never arrived in the mail. For a subscription to the DBS update service to be valid, applicants must keep the original DBS certificate.

which was broadcast. Explain what a DBS check is and what you can do if you're not happy with the information the police have about you. If a DBS certificate attesting to this cannot be submitted, the subscription to the DBS update service will not be valid and cannot be accepted in support of an employment application. You can also get a basic DBS check if you live in Northern Ireland or Scotland, but the position you're applying for is in England.

or Wales.

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