What is Barred List Information Not Requested in DBS Adults?

A banned list check can only be requested in conjunction with an improved DBS check, and not with a basic or standard check. In addition, it can only be requested by an employer, not an employee. Verification of a banned persons list can be requested as part of an improved DBS verification, but only if the applicant is eligible. Eligibility for standard DBS controls, improved and improved with prohibited lists, is prescribed in legislation.

When it comes to background checks, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is the go-to resource for employers in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Depending on the level of control that is done to you (and the work you are going to do), it will depend on what appears in the DBS. The result of this verification will allow the applicant to work under supervision until the full DBS verification is completed. The certificate will contain the same details as a standard certificate and, if the position is eligible, the employer can request that one or both of the DBS prohibited lists be checked. Improved DBS control is suitable for people who work with children or adults under certain circumstances, such as those receiving medical or personal care.

This type of check includes a barred list, which is reserved for improved DBS checks and used only for “regulated activities”. This means that if a person holds or applies to a position that involves a regulated activity, they must obtain an improved DBS certificate and a prohibited list check before they can continue or start working. Recruiters should only request a DBS check on a person when they are legally authorized to do so; they must have the right by law to ask a person to disclose their full criminal record. They can be requested by filling out an improved DBS verification form with the list of prohibited persons for adults and allow the employer to find out (usually within 48 hours) if the candidate can start working with vulnerable adults under supervision. In other words, if the position involves working with children or vulnerable adults without supervision, this is considered to be a regulated activity and a full review of the DBS with a list of barred persons will be necessary.

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