Is a Basic DBS Check Enough for Your Hiring Process? A Comprehensive Guide

A basic DBS check is the least detailed Disclosure and Prohibition Service (DBS) verification available, but it can still provide enough information to facilitate the hiring process. It will include all unused admonitions and convictions, as well as some of those that have been exhausted. A basic DBS check can be used for any purpose and will provide information about a person in relation to pending convictions or admonitions. You can apply for a basic DBS test yourself if you live or work in England or Wales.

This is the only type of control that a person can request for themselves, without the need for an independent organization, and they can complete their application online. A standard DBS check includes more information than a basic DBS check. It will ensure that employees or candidates have not committed previous crimes, such as fraud or financial misconduct. An improved DBS check will include certain information about you that appears in local police records, if the police deem it relevant. Care Check is one of the main coordinating bodies of the Disclosure and Prohibition Service and has been named one of the eight leading providers of criminal background checks in the United Kingdom. To make it easier for volunteers to obtain a DBS certificate and for charities and organizations that rely on volunteer workers, there is a voluntary DBS verification option that is free or subsidized. If you were reprimanded for any of these crimes when you were 18 years old or younger, you can delete it from your DBS record.

An improved DBS check contains all the information contained in a standard DBS check; for example, it will reveal any unused convictions that appear in the applicant's history. As an employer, you have the power to decide if you need a DBS evaluation for any position in your company. Generally, employers only request that a verification be carried out if the position involves working with children or vulnerable adults, including people with disabilities and patients in a hospital. A basic DBS check is suitable for any position or workstation. Verification consists of carrying out a basic search of a person's criminal record in the national police computer database, only in search of unexecuted convictions. It will show your convictions and warnings that have not been exhausted. Finally, the improved DBS verification, with additional checks on the lists, includes all of the above, but it will also investigate whether the person is on the DBS lists of banned persons.

The improved banned list verification system is only available for a small number of functions; specifically, those contained in the 1997 Police Act (Criminal Record) regulations. With this information, employers can make an informed decision about whether a basic DBS check is enough for their hiring process. It's important to note that an employer cannot request a list of prohibited persons or a DBS check from any person they choose for any position. At Care Check we understand how important it is to ensure that your employees are trustworthy and reliable. That's why we offer comprehensive background checks to help employers make informed decisions about their hiring process. Our services include basic and enhanced DBS checks as well as voluntary checks for volunteers.

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