Do i need basic or standard dbs?

The main difference between standard and basic DBS checks is that anyone can request a basic DBS verification, there are no legal requirements. A person who requests their own criminal background check can request a basic DBS check. However, the applicant must meet the DBS criteria and, therefore, be legally eligible to request a standard DBS verification. Standard checks cannot be requested individually and must be requested by an employer or organization on behalf of the applicant.

A basic DBS check is a criminal background check that you can request yourself. Your employer may also ask you to request a basic check. The standard DBS check provides a more complete description of a person's criminal record. It includes details of executed and unexecuted convictions, warnings, admonitions and final warnings. Standard controls are usually required for positions that involve greater responsibility or that work with vulnerable groups, such as teachers, health professionals, or security personnel.

The standard DBS controls, as well as the basic and improved controls, have no limit on how old a person's history is verified by the police. However, with Access Screening you can expect to pay 18 pounds sterling per check, which is equivalent to the basic DBS check. A standard DBS test is one level higher than the basic DBS test, but a lower level than the test of improved DBS. A basic DBS will check a person's criminal record, convictions, and warnings from the National Police Computer (PNC).

Basic DBS verification is the most fundamental level and provides a snapshot of a person's unexecuted convictions. Guidance on basic DBS controls, including how to request them, the cost, and what information is disclosed in a basic certificate. A criminal background check is usually not required as part of a standard UK visitor visa application; however, you should make sure to check the specific requirements of your country of nationality. A standard DBS check will ensure that employees or candidates have not committed previous crimes, such as fraud or financial misconduct.

A basic criminal background check can be used for any position or purpose; however, for certain functions, you may need a higher level of criminal background check. A standard DBS check usually takes 5 to 10 business days on average, depending on the information the person needs to verify. A standard DBS check is a comprehensive criminal background check used by employers on behalf of applicants to ensure that they are suitable for the position in question.

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