Does a DBS Check Show Financial History?

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will not provide information about a candidate's financial history, such as debts, credit scores, or county court rulings. However, it will show any convictions for fraud or financial crimes, which may be relevant for certain jobs that involve high levels of financial responsibility. If a credit check reveals severe levels of indebtedness or mismanagement of finances, the candidate may not pass the background check. Employers in fields such as accounting, financial advising, or fund management are more likely to reject applicants who do not pass a credit check than those in other professions. All checks are processed by Staffvetting, which is recognized by the Disclosure and Prohibition Service as an organization responsible for basic checks (Gov).

Manually tracking DBS controls can be time consuming and tedious if you are hiring multiple candidates. The candidate must provide certain documentation depending on the type of DBS verification to be performed. The primary way to fail a background check is if the details of previous convictions appear on a DBS certificate. An improved DBS verification can also include any information held by local police that is considered relevant to the function. However, an organization like Experian can help you easily request any type of DBS verification for your candidates.

If the requester has subscribed to the DBS update service, they can check online if their certificate is up to date. The DBS has strict eligibility criteria and there is a guide available on who can undergo improved verification. In other words, it is important to disclose any criminal conduct before carrying out a DBS check, as this will create a more favorable impression on the employer and potentially build more trust. Any criminal behavior can appear in a DBS control, depending on the level of control performed: basic, standard or improved. Digital identity verification will automatically validate the candidate's documents using a government-certified identity verification solution, so you don't have to physically check their identity documents and you can now enjoy this hassle-free and time-saving service. A higher level of improved DBS verification, known as improved verification with banned lists, shows the same information as improved verification, in addition to whether the candidate is on the list of people who are prohibited from performing that function.

By choosing Experian for your employee checks, you'll benefit from real-time request updates, allowing you to track the status of DBS checks.

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