How to check dbs progress without reference number?

After logging in, select “Manage DBS checks”, request a unique access code and enter the required security information. Your DBS requests will then be displayed and you can view the necessary certificate. If you want to track your application as an applicant, all you need is your unique DBS reference number and your date of birth. As soon as your DBS application has been submitted to the appropriate agency, we will provide you with a unique reference number.

You must use this number to track. DBS or Disclosure Scotland will issue it. The number will be sent to you by email. Not all applicants who are entitled to perform an enhanced DBS check will also be entitled to a check of the list of banned candidates.

To complete a DBS status check, you'll need the reference from the DBS application form, which should have been emailed to you when you completed your application. The person to whom a DBS check is given (the applicant) can view their certificate using their DBS online account. Note that this stage also only applies to improved DBS checks, and therefore standard requests do not have to go through this verification stage. The person to whom a DBS check is issued (the applicant) can track the progress of their standard or improved application using the DBS tracking service.

The person receiving a check from DBS (the applicant), employers and responsible organizations can also track the progress of basic controls using the DBS online account tracking service. Information has been added about the applicant creating an online account to follow up on a basic check request. Otherwise, if you're an employee, you'll need to talk to the appropriate organization that submitted your request to request this DBS referral, or contact DBS directly. Please note that while this phase may appear in the tracking service, it will only apply to enhanced DBS applications where verification of the prohibited list has been requested. Online DBS tracking can help you estimate how long you'll have to wait until you receive your DBS certificate.

When several police forces need to provide data, the likelihood that DBS checks will take longer than 14 days increases. The applicant can contact the DBS directly for information on the status of their application, by calling the DBS customer support number 03000 200 190 or using the information above to perform an online follow-up.

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