The Pros and Cons of a DBS Check

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is a crucial part of the recruitment process for many employers. It is a way to verify the criminal history of potential employees, and it can be a great tool for ensuring the safety of the workplace. However, there are some potential negatives associated with DBS checks that employers should be aware of. The most obvious downside to a DBS check is that it can reveal past convictions that may unfairly bias an employer against a candidate.

Depending on the level of verification performed, any criminal behavior can be revealed in a DBS check, which can lead to an applicant being unfairly judged. Additionally, if a DBS check is requested within a certain deadline, it can be an unfair prejudice to those who have committed crimes in the past. Criminal background checks can also be a sensitive topic, so employers should be aware of how to handle any information they find in a check. Contrary to popular belief, DBS checks don't give a positive or negative result; instead, they detail aspects of the applicant's criminal history so that the employer can make the safest hiring decision.

If something has changed since the applicant's last certificate, it will be necessary to request a new DBS certificate. Some people may consider DBS checks to constitute a violation of privacy, regardless of whether they have been convicted or found guilty of a crime before or not. Additionally, the cost of a DBS check is not cheap, and the more advanced the check required, the higher the price. This can discourage employers from hiring certain candidates because of their reaction to participating in a DBS check. However, if mistakes are made in the application form or in the results of the check, employers should remember that they are obligated to treat any DBS applicant with a criminal record fairly. Additionally, pre-employment checks such as DBS checks allow employers to hire staff without any criminal record related to their position. Overall, while there are some potential negatives associated with DBS checks, they are an essential part of providing a safe workforce in society.

Employers should be aware of these potential drawbacks and take steps to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and given an equal chance at employment.

Elsie Thomas
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