How to Get an Enhanced DBS Check Quickly and Easily

Getting an enhanced DBS check is a process that requires a few steps, but it doesn't have to be complicated. The quickest way to get an enhanced DBS check is to ask the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or its coordinating body for an application form. Give the form to the applicant to complete and submit it online, and our platform is designed to make the process as fast and easy as possible, with built-in controls to reduce the chance of errors and have the DBS return the form quickly. Eligibility for improved DBS control may also be determined by the applicant's workplace.

If the applicant works at one of the following establishments once a week or three times in a 30-day period, they will need an improved DBS certificate. Requesting an improved DBS verification online through our human resources platform is simple. The system allows the applicant to enter their own personal data and, when necessary, to pay for their own application. Unfortunately, it is not possible for a person to obtain their own standard or improved DBS certificate. The application must be submitted on your behalf by the employer or agency you work for.

The DBS provides a complete list of identity documents that can be accepted as support for an improved DBS application. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain the right level of information for the position the applicant will be performing. If the applicant does not meet the legal requirements to obtain an enhanced DBS verification, you will not be able to obtain one for that person. It's illegal to get an enhanced DBS check for someone who doesn't qualify for it. Yes, you can get an enhanced DBS check for a candidate currently living abroad, as long as they hold a position in the UK for which an enhanced DBS check is required.

As a DBS Check will only check UK databases, a certificate of good conduct from the country in which you have been living may also be required. You can request basic verification from the Disclosure and Prohibition Service (DBS) online by visiting the UK Government site. If you can't validate your identity online, you can verify it by going to a post office branch. To request this option, start your online application on the UK Government's DBS application page and select “Prove your identity in person”.An enhanced criminal background check is a type of criminal background check that shows convictions, warnings, warnings, or admonitions unpaid or not executed by the applicant, as well as any other relevant data that is in the possession of the applicant's local police. You may need standard or improved DBS verification if your employer needs a higher level of assurance that you are fit for a certain position. Sometimes, the DBS has a higher than average number of DBS verification requests, and in this case, it can slow down the processing of improved DBS checks.

Depending on the level of test (whether it is a basic, standard, or improved DBS test) and the function being requested, checks may take several business days to complete. At our platform we understand how important it is for employers and applicants alike to get an enhanced DBS check quickly and easily. That's why we have designed our platform with built-in controls to reduce errors and speed up processing times so that employers can get their enhanced DBS checks quickly and easily.

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