Who Needs an Enhanced DBS Check? A Comprehensive Guide

Enhanced DBS checks are suitable for individuals who work with children or adults in certain circumstances, such as those receiving medical or personal care. An enhanced DBS check is also applicable for a few roles, such as taxi license applications or people working for the Gambling Commission. Employers can decide if any job requires a DBS check, so there are many positions that may require basic DBS verification. An enhanced DBS check is the most comprehensive criminal background and prohibition check that can be conducted in the UK. We support people with criminal records so they can move forward positively in their lives.

We advocate for systemic change and the improvement of the lives of people with criminal records. Our mission is to support and advocate so that people with criminal records can advance their lives positively. This page is designed to provide information related to eligibility for standard and enhanced criminal background checks. When hiring new staff, employers don't always make it clear if they intend to carry out a criminal background check or what level of verification they can request. Additionally, some employers may try to request a level of control for which a position is not eligible.

If you have a criminal record, the type of verification performed may be the most important part of the hiring process. If an employer is going to perform a standard or enhanced verification, it's important for them to know that the position they are applying for is eligible for this level of verification and, if not, how to challenge it. We have compiled an A to Z list of jobs and their suitability for basic, standard and enhanced controls. If you carry out or plan to carry out a regulated activity, an employer or volunteer organization may carry out an enhanced verification, including checking if you are prohibited from working with children, adults, or both. It's important to note that, even if a job now falls outside the revised definition of regulated activity, you may still be entitled to enhanced verification from the Disclosure and Prohibition Service. This is because the functions that were previously subject to the Offender Rehabilitation (Order of Exceptions) Act and the Police Act 1997 have not changed. The DBS Eligible Positions Guide provides details on positions that are eligible for standard or enhanced verification.

It is not exhaustive and only provides an indication of the general types of employment that are included in the order of exceptions. Alternatively, you can use the DBS aptitude tool to check if the position you are applying for qualifies for a standard or enhanced DBS verification. It's not always clear what type of control a particular position is eligible for. We have developed a process that helps people establish eligibility for certain roles, which parallels the previous guidelines; this is known as our eligibility establishment process. If you think an employer or organization is conducting a criminal background check for which the position is not eligible, you can contest it.

Any employer can do a basic check. However, only certain functions are suitable for higher levels of control. Once a criminal background check is conducted and your employer has the relevant information, it's very difficult to stop them from applying the information to a hiring or firing decision. The DBS service is backed by law. When an RB signs the statement on the application form, they confirm that the position is eligible for verification. It is a crime to knowingly submit an application that is not eligible, and this includes employers who use Umbrella Bodies to submit applications on their behalf.

Read and share your experiences in our online forum. Below you will find links to useful websites related to this page. More specific details (including addresses and phone numbers) for some of the organizations listed below can be found here. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We provide support and advice to people who need counseling with their own or someone else's criminal record.

Letting us know if you easily found what you were looking for or not allows us to continue to improve our service for you and for others. We only receive anonymous information and cannot track you on other websites. Filtering is the name given to the DBS rules that determine what information is provided in a DBS certificate. The enhanced DBS check is carried out by the Disclosure and Prohibition Service (DBS) of England and Wales, and in Scotland, Disclosure Scotland. For many employers, it's up to them to perform a workplace risk assessment to determine the need for a DBS check.

These services will not accelerate the DBS verification itself, as all DBS checks are subject to DBS processing times. If an employer has asked you to do a standard or enhanced DBS check but you think the position doesn't need it, you can ask the Disclosure and Prohibition Service to investigate. Only functions that are included in the 1975 (Exceptions) Order of 1975 of the Offender Rehabilitation Act (ROA) are eligible for enhanced DBS verification. Are you wondering who needs an Enhanced DBS Check? This guide provides all necessary information about eligibility requirements; how employers should assess risk; how filtering works; how long it takes; how much it costs; how to challenge an employer's decision; how Umbrella Bodies work; how long convictions stay on your record; how long sentences last; how long cautions last; how long warnings last; how long reprimands last; how long final warnings last; how long bind-over orders last; how long absolute discharges last; how long conditional discharges last; how long suspended sentences last; what happens when convictions become spent; what happens when cautions become spent; what happens when warnings become spent; what happens when reprimands become spent; what happens when final warnings become spent; what happens when bind-over orders become spent; what happens when absolute discharges become spent; what happens when conditional discharges become spent...Explain what a DBS check is and what you can do if you're unhappy with the results - this page provides all this information in one place! Learn about eligibility requirements for standard and enhanced DBS checks so that employers can make informed decisions about their hiring process.

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