What is an Enhanced DBS Check and How Does It Work?

An Enhanced DBS Check is a comprehensive criminal background check that is suitable for people who work with children or adults in certain circumstances, such as those receiving medical or personal care. It is also applicable for a few functions, such as applications for taxi licenses or people who work for the Gambling Commission. This type of check contains the same information as a Standard DBS Check, plus any additional information that appears about the individual in local police records. It will only include this extra information if the police chief deems it relevant.

The Enhanced DBS Check is the most thorough criminal background check available. A Basic DBS Check only looks for unspent convictions, while a Standard DBS Check searches for spent and unspent convictions, warnings, and reprimands. The details of the Enhanced DBS Check search are listed above. In addition, jobs that are regulated activities, that involve working directly with children and vulnerable adults, are often requested to be included in a list of prohibited jobs. For example, you cannot perform an Enhanced DBS Check on a retail or office employee if their environment does not include children or vulnerable adults.

In addition to this information, all Enhanced DBS Checks involve an additional level of verification with local police records, in addition to checks with the National Police Computer (PNC).We provide Enhanced DBS Checks for some of the UK's most important public and private sector organizations. If you have been convicted of one of these crimes (whatever your age), you will never be excluded from Standard or Enhanced DBS Checks. If you were reprimanded for any of these crimes when you were 18 years old or younger, you can have it removed from your DBS record. Online identity verification is an additional way to confirm an applicant's identity during an online DBS Check. However, it is very rare for police to include information about an Enhanced DBS Check that is not related to a conviction.

Care Check is one of the main coordinating bodies of the Disclosure and Barring Service and has been named one of the eight leading providers of criminal background checks in the United Kingdom. An Enhanced DBS Check is the highest level required for positions that involve the care, training, supervision, or sole responsibility of children or vulnerable adults. The check also searches the DBS Prohibited Children's List or the DBS Adult First lists, as appropriate, to ensure that the applicant is not prohibited from working with either group. Enhanced DBS Checks are only available to employers who need to make a decision about the hiring or suitability of a person working in a regulated activity (see below). While you may need an Enhanced DBS Check and meet all the eligibility criteria, in DBS's view, there is no one who can make a hiring or suitability decision based on the outcome of that check.

This level of DBS verification is only available to organizations that need to make “hiring or suitability decisions”.

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