How Long Does It Take to Receive the Results of an Online DBS Check? - An Expert's Guide

At Online DBS Checks, our goal is to process all requests for basic and improved DBS checks within five to ten days of receipt. Online applications also have the advantage of fast identity verification, a vital step that affects the time it takes to process a DBS verification. The integration of digital identity controls means that it is no longer necessary to visit physical locations to validate the identity. This innovation significantly reduces processing time, allowing applicants to receive results in as little as 3 to 5 business days.

A basic check takes up to 14 days. You can't pay more to get a faster check. When considering the time it takes for DBS checks, it's important to remember that no DBS umbrella body can 100% guarantee the return of your DBS check in a specific period of time. As soon as the police receive the request for a check, there is no guarantee of how quickly they will complete the check.

Different types of DBS controls are needed because each of them has a different purpose; for example, improved control is required when more information is needed from a person, such as detailed police control. If your DBS verification has taken more than 60 days to process, you or the coordinating entity for which you submitted the application can issue a request to the DBS to expedite the processing of your request. Sometimes the deadline for a DBS verification is based on the level of verification being requested, and sometimes there is no set deadline or deadline. There is no single answer about the time it takes to return an improved DBS (a number of factors, such as the number of addresses hosted or a greater number of previous surnames, can influence this aspect), but they usually take longer than basic and standard checks. In conclusion, most DBS checks will be processed in a matter of days, usually no more than a week, sometimes as quickly as a few hours, depending on the level of DBS control performed.

However, in some cases, the request can take much longer due to errors in the form or a delay on the part of the police. Manual testing is no longer necessary and this means that you are protected at an even higher level, as a DBS check will only cover the times until the date of the verification. From there, the payback time of the check depends entirely on the occupancy of the DBS, the accuracy of the information and other factors mentioned above. Using the update service will significantly speed up the process of obtaining DBS results, since all you have to do is log in to the DBS portal and make sure that there has been no change in the user's certificate. The DBS update service is a government subscription service that allows users to keep their DBS certificate valid while their criminal records remain unchanged. There are cases in which DBS controls are delayed because the police have had to leave everything to deal with important police events that have exhausted their resources.

By following the DBS control process and using the appropriate level of controls, organizations can ensure a safer work environment and make informed decisions that protect the interests and well-being of their employees and the wider community. Online DBS verification requests have revolutionized the process, offering applicants a faster and more efficient way to get their results. A basic DBS can take as little as one business day, while an improved DBS exam, in which both DBS and police complete the application together, can take up to 4 weeks.

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