How Long Does an Enhanced DBS Check Take? A Comprehensive Guide

Once you submit your application to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), they usually complete a standard disclosure within two days. The police and DBS also perform an improved verification of the DBS, which usually takes five to ten days to process. However, it can take longer if certain processes cause delays. You'll know if you're going to get stuck, as it's always phase 4 that gets stuck when you go to the police.

The completion time of an enhanced DBS check can range from 24 hours to 14 days, and the time needed to receive the certificate can take between 4 and 8 weeks. In rare cases, it can take more than 8 weeks. The deadline for a DBS verification is sometimes based on the level of verification being requested, and sometimes there is no set deadline or timeline. Online applications also have the advantage of fast identity verification, which is a vital step that affects the processing time.

There are cases in which DBS checks are delayed because the police have had to prioritize other important events that have exhausted their resources. Candidates who undergo more rigorous checks will have to wait for a slightly longer processing time before receiving the results, which varies depending on the complexity of the position. This is due to the fourth phase of local police control, which is only carried out for enhanced DBS checks and can lead to delays. If the processing of your DBS check has taken more than 60 days, you or the coordinating entity through which you submitted the request can send a request to the DBS to expedite the processing of your request. Different types of DBS checks are needed because each of them has a different purpose; for example, enhanced checks are required when more information is needed from a person, such as detailed police control. For example, DBS checks for National Health Service functions could involve more rigorous scrutiny because of the sensitive nature of health services. When considering the time it takes for DBS checks, it's important to remember that no body responsible for DBS can 100% guarantee the return of your DBS check in a specific period of time.

Whether you requested a basic DBS check yourself or the employer requested a standard or enhanced DBS check on your behalf, the delivery time should be similar. An enhanced DBS check, like all DBS checks, will not tell the employer whether to hire the person or not. If you recently applied for employment and part of the application process involved completing a DBS verification, you might be wondering how long it will take to process and return your certificate. From there, the time it takes to return the check depends entirely on how busy the DBS is, the accuracy of the information, and other factors mentioned above. In general, most DBS checks will be processed in a matter of days, usually no more than a week, sometimes as fast as a few hours depending on the level of DBS check performed.

However, in some cases, the request can take much longer due to errors in the form or a delay on the part of the police. As an expert in SEO optimization I recommend that employers and applicants alike should be aware that there is no definite timeline when it comes to completing an enhanced DBS check. It is important to understand that while most requests are processed within two days for standard disclosures and five to ten days for improved verifications, there are certain factors that can cause delays in processing times. These include online identity verification processes, local police control phases and resource exhaustion due to other important events.

It is also important to note that while most requests are processed within two days for standard disclosures and five to ten days for improved verifications, there are certain cases where it may take longer than eight weeks for applicants to receive their certificates. In such cases, employers or applicants may contact the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) directly in order to expedite their request. Finally, employers should remember that while an enhanced DBS check may provide additional information about an applicant’s background and suitability for a role, it does not guarantee whether they should be hired or not.

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