How Long Does Enhanced DBS Take? A Comprehensive Guide to Processing Times

The completion time for an improved DBS verification can range from 24 hours to 14 days. In rare cases, it may take more than 8 weeks. There are many factors that can cause delays in receiving a DBS certificate. It is important to note that paying more money will not speed up the process.

Enhanced DBS checks are the most comprehensive criminal background check available in the UK, and as such, they have the longest processing time of any other DBS check. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) recommends that these checks be completed within 14 days. Different types of DBS checks are needed for different purposes. For example, an improved check is required when more information is needed from a person, such as detailed police control. Online DBS verification requests have revolutionized the process, offering applicants a faster and more efficient way to obtain their results.

The deadline for DBS verifications may depend on the level of verification being requested, or there may be no set deadline. Candidates who undergo more rigorous control will have to wait for a slightly longer processing time before receiving the results, which varies depending on the complexity of the position. A basic DBS can take as little as one business day, while an improved DBS exam, in which both DBS and the police complete the application together, can take up to 4 weeks. For positions that involve regular contact with vulnerable people, such as those in the health sector, there is a need to improve DBS controls. When requesting improved DBS control, it's critical to understand the complexities of the process. Online applications also offer the advantage of fast identity verification, a vital step that affects the time it takes to process a DBS verification.

On average, about 40% of the improved DBS checks submitted by Personnel Checks were performed in 48 hours or less. The average processing time for basic DBS checks performed by Personnel Checks is between 24 and 48 hours. As improved DBS verification involves more steps, there are more chances of it being delayed. By following the DBS verification process and using the appropriate level of controls, organizations can ensure a safer work environment and make informed decisions that protect the interests and well-being of their workforce and the wider community. For example, an evaluation of the functions of the National Health Service (DBS) could involve more rigorous scrutiny because of the sensitive nature of health services. Additionally, mistakes on your application form may not be known until DBS has checked them.

Basic background checks are the lowest level of criminal background checks in the UK and simply involves searching the national police computer.

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